In this age of global warming, one of the inevitable and inseparable gadgets in people’s lives is the air conditioner. As the temperature rises, towns and villages become heat islands where CA is the main gadget. When the warm weather arrives and the heating is on, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to be turned off. But even after the purchase of a good brand name and expensive air conditioner, we all often have to deal with many operational problems. These parasites can be small, but they can cause a lot of discomfort in warm places.

However, it is very interesting to know that these small problems caused by your air conditioner are very easy to solve and if you know a few basic tricks, you can enjoy the comfort of your air conditioner without any problems and save a lot of money that you can spend on paying the representatives of the repair company.

In this article we have presented some of the most common problems related to air conditioners and their likely solutions.

Here are some tips to solve your air conditioner like a pro.


The most common and simple problem is that the air conditioner does not turn on after you have turned on the switches. If you are also faced with this problem, there are several reasons for it. The first cause is a blown fuse or a faulty circuit breaker, which may be the result of fluctuations in the power supply, broken or loose wiring or problems with the thermostat. This can be remedied by simply repairing the fuse circuit.

If the problem is not due to a blown fuse or a faulty circuit breaker, simply check the voltage in your home, because if the supply voltage is too low, the alternating current will not work properly. To solve this problem, you can increase the power supply voltage using a power regulator that is readily available on the market. You can also call an electrician to check that you are properly connected to the mains. Incorrect connection from the main line can lead to power fluctuations.

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After a repeated start, the air conditioner may not ventilate at all. This problem occurs when the fan of the outdoor unit may not be working properly. This can also be caused when the filter unit is clogged in the air conditioner by dust that has been absorbed. It’s very easy to film. Simply press the two switches located next to the slats of your air conditioner and remove the filter unit. If the filter unit gets dirty from dust, simply wash it to clean and replace it. This simple trick can solve your problem.

However, you may need to be careful when washing the filter units. Because if they’re damaged, your pocket could suffer.


This is the most common problem for air conditioner users. The cooling is reduced or in many cases not present. This problem can be caused by a dirty air filter, a low coolant level or a blocked condensate drain. If the problem is caused by dirt, it can be removed as described above. If the cooling problem is due to a lack of refrigerant, this means that too little refrigerant has been charged, or that there may be a leak. Check for leakage before topping up the refrigerant, as there are still leakage problems and the environment may be damaged. A hypothermia problem can also be caused by too high temperatures in your room.

Normally, most air conditioners can only cool down to about 20 degrees below the outside air temperature. A very simple option that can work in this case is to install your outdoor air conditioner in a shady environment that is not too exposed to the sun during the day. This hacking can increase the cooling of your air conditioner.


Leaking ducts, which can be damaged by contact with the outside or by excessive dust, are one of the main causes of malfunctions in your air conditioner. This is a problem for homes that have central air conditioning with ducts for the air supply to the rooms. If some rooms are cold and others hot, it is because the supply pipes are dirty or clogged. This can be a serious problem if the ducts are installed inside the walls. You may need to hire a pipe cleaning service to solve this problem.


Air conditioning can help you remove excess humidity from the room on hot, humid days. AC does this by removing moisture from your room through the drainpipe in the pot and then into the sewer. However, there are often problems, such as. B. water is blown in with fresh air or the air conditioner is unable to remove moisture from the room.

This problem occurs when hoses leak or become clogged, or when the condensate pump stops working. If the drain is blocked and the bathtub overflows, the water will drain back and damage your system. This problem can be solved by trying to clean the condensate drain hose and removing algae from the pump system with bleach. Then check the electrical connection of the condensate pump and replace the pump. Then check the condensate drain line for leaks.

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An AC fan often makes too much noise, and this noise can be very annoying and cause problems during sleep. There can be many possible causes, such as the cause of increased AC noise.

The most important sound source are the fan motors. It may be contaminated with dirt and debris, another cause is a damaged belt or the belt may be misaligned or must be replaced, another cause is worn bearings. A scalpel or crackling sound may be a loose metal valve in the piping system, and a rattling sound may indicate that the protective plates need to be tightened. If this hack doesn’t work, call a professional from a repair company.


A little like the smell coming from the gas in the air conditioner is normal, but if you notice an unusually bad smell, it may cause problems. A bad electrical smell can be caused by overheating of the device. If the air conditioner is operated at full load for too long, some areas, such as. B. The blower motor or bearings are jammed, overheated and cause an unpleasant odor.

Another possible cause of bad smell is a loose electrical connection that can cause sparks, resulting in an unpleasant electrical odour. If the supply lines are clogged with dust and dirt, this also leads to an unpleasant odour. To solve this problem, turn off the air conditioner when not in use, clean and dust the ducts, and make sure all electrical connections are properly installed.


Freezing the evaporator coil is the main cause of insufficient cooling of air conditioners. A frozen silencer means your air conditioner is working overtime while your room stays warm. The evaporator coil contains a refrigerant that absorbs heat. An ice layer may form on the evaporator coil when the air flow is reduced. Restricted air flow can be caused by dirty air filters, low refrigerant content or blocked exhaust air in the duct system.

To remedy this problem, check the air flow through dirty air filters or blockages in the exhaust air duct, check the coolant level and the fan. That could be a malfunction. If the problem is not solved, you may need an expert.


The condenser is an important element in dissipating heat from the room and transporting it through the make-up air unit. If the capacitor does not work properly, it cannot accept the cooling signal from the thermostat. As part of the condenser of the outdoor unit, it is exposed to dirt, debris and various contaminants that cause a malfunction.

To solve a problem with the condenser, check the refrigerant pressure, because if the refrigerant leaks, the air conditioner can automatically trigger a low-pressure safety action, reducing cooling. You can also prevent this problem by installing your outdoor air conditioner in a shady area that does not get extra sunlight all day long and where there is no extra dust or dirt. This hacking can increase the cooling of your air conditioner.


Thanks to the thermostat, you can maintain the desired cooling in the room according to your comfort. If the thermostat does not work properly, you may not be able to enjoy the cooling effect of your air conditioner.

In general, your thermostat is not properly calibrated in this situation. But even after recalibration, thermostats can lose their calibration again. You can solve this problem by replacing your old thermostat with an accurate digital thermostat that does not lose its calibration. If the problem persists, you may need to call your HVAC repairer.

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