If you pay just over $50 for a smart watch, it’s normal to think about the standard of construction.

With the most affordable watch, Mobvoi has already proven that it can do something solid and well built, and that also applies to the GTX.

The round black metal case and the detachable 22mm TPU strap may not be the most exciting watches, but they work well together and are certainly not cheap or cheap.

Quite wide, with a 48 mm case that will be dominated by wide wrists. It will interest a lot of women, but it’s certainly not unisex.

Around the touchscreen is a beautiful black border, which with a width of 11 mm is a millimeter thinner than the TicWatch Pro 3 from Mobvoi.

Two physical buttons on the right side of the device give access to the main menu. At the bottom is a shortcut for training or other modes you want to use easily.

On the back is the optical heart rate monitor, which you can use for training and constant monitoring. The device has an IP68 certification, which allows Mobvoi to swim safely.

With the computer it seems to get a bit more expensive, but not as much as we expected. You get a 1.28 inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, so you will notice some variation of the displays of most TicWatches.

The image is a bit blurred, and there is also a small shift in the screen. All in all, it was a pretty good experience. All in all, the visibility from the outside was perfect and you always have a nice colour accent on the data screens and especially on the dials.

TicWatch GTX fitness smartwatch, up to 10 days battery life, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, IP68

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TicWatch GTX: Operating system and smartphone functions

We have something called Mobvoi freeRTOS instead of Google’s Wear OS to take care of all the technical issues. This is an operating system that is also not based on Android. The best way to explain the application is to say that these are all bits applied to WearOS from Mobvoi.

Some components resembling WearOS are still there, but now the TicWatch application is central. You can drag the slider down to open the settings, or up to see the notification stream. For things like heart rate monitoring or training, you can drag the mouse left or right to display widgets.

The physical button at the top of the screen also takes you to the main menu, where you can access the applications we already know from TicWatches. So, TicExercise, TicPulse, TicSleep and TicHealth are here. There are also music sensors, a stopwatch, a timer and weather warnings.

The basic categories are the basic functions, such as. B. Notification support, which allows you to open and delete notifications after reading them. We have found that reports are interrupted in mid-September and are therefore not ideal for posting.

Although they are not accessible or can be added as a widget during training, the music controls work perfectly.

We will discuss the health and fitness applications below, but you can also customize your watch via the corresponding application Mobvoi. You can add new dials here, but synchronizing with the watch is a fairly slow process.

It’s not surprising that Mobvoi keeps itself at the base with GTX. Looks like everything that makes the cut is okay. You’re more likely to get GTX if you can set it up without games, shopping, more useful updates, a microphone or speakers and richer music features.

TicWatch GTX: Fitness and sports monitoring

Many applications on the GTX are based on fitness monitoring, and Wear OS TicWatch devices are familiar with it.

There are only two sensors that power these applications. An accelerometer is used to count steps, check sleep and record outdoor activity. There is no built-in or associated GPS, which means you cannot expect accurate distance measurement.

You also get a heart rate monitor, with a widget dedicated to the watch. You can’t take measurements on the spot. So if you’re working, you can see it in real time.

You have a handy widget to keep track of your progress with daily exercise and fitness, and you can venture into the phone application to see your steps throughout the day, as well as the distance covered and 24-hour heart rate readings.

In total the normal number of steps for the same distance was about 1,000 steps less than the other coach.

The continuous heart rate measurements, as well as the heart rate sensor on the chest strap, were significantly higher than those of the Garmin and Polar watches we compared.

Step-by-step comparison : TicWatch GTX (left) and Polar Vantage V2 (right)

We want to tell you about a sleep meter that promises to break down the phases of deep and light sleep and monitor the heart rate. In fact, we never really got any useful information. We have received no data or very small segments of sleep data for most nights. When the problem is solved, we will do an update, but at the moment we have no information.


If you want to keep track of your workouts, go to the TicExercise application, where you’ll find a list of activities such as running, cycling, jumping, swimming, basketball, rowing and climbing.

Compare the record keeping: TicWatch GTX (left) and Polar Vantage V2 (right)

We expected the accuracy of the GTX to be quite inaccurate in the absence of GPS, and that’s exactly what happened. Every race we ran was over.

As far as the watch itself is concerned, the control of the drive is also quite simple. You can see the duration of your workout, your heart rate and the calories burned. It’s up to you. During the race you can’t even see how far you’ve walked. You can see the distance when you synchronize it with your smartphone.

HR Tracking Comparison for Indoor Rowing : TicWatch GTX (left) and Polar Vantage V2 (right)

The accuracy of the heart rate measurement was also far from ideal for us, as were distance accuracy problems. She reported significantly lower average and maximum heart rate values during running and indoor paddling exercises.

In the end, you will be disappointed if you expect to rely on this sensor to monitor your exercise level during training.

Compared to a sports watch, this is its strength as a fitness tracker, simply because it doesn’t have the sensors or the precision to do the latter. The problem is that the lack of sleep monitoring and the somewhat out of phase monitoring make GTX difficult to recommend in this respect as well.

TicWatch GTX: Battery life

The battery of the GTX has a lifetime of 200 mAh, which promises up to seven days of daily use and up to ten days of power saving mode activation. We conclude that these figures seem to be correct.

In daily use, we have not seen a particularly alarming drop in the battery, but the status of the battery is not displayed with an annoying number. So it can be hard to know how many people you have to play with. With the alarm on, the computer almost at full power and monitoring three or four training sessions a week, we managed to get through those seven days.

The Bip S offers up to 15 days of normal use and 40 days of ease of use to put it in perspective with other popular smartphones in this price range. With the Beep S it looks like we have about a week, so the GTX seems to fit our research.

It’ll take about two hours to get back to 100% when you’re done. So if you need to charge the device, it’s not a quick charger.

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