Development issue/problem:

I have an apk command line generator that compiles many APKs with the same source code, so these applications have the same dependencies.

I see this in the graduation papers:

I know it is possible to configure gradle to run offline and not load the same dependencies it has downloaded for other apks. How do I activate this offline mode?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

Gradle prevents the reloading of artifacts, but you can switch to Gradle offline to prevent access to the network during construction.

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Offline Design Diploma

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Solution 2:

Studio Android

In Android Studio you can gradle your applications completely offline by enabling this option:

Settings -> Build, execute, implement -> Build tool -> Path

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Charging station CLI

In the Gradle command line interface this can be done with the -offline flag.

Indicates that the module must operate without access to network resources.

Solution 3:

Android Studio (v. 3.6.1 and above)

You can make your applications completely offline by enabling this option:

Here is a screenshot of the Android Studio Gradle toolbar.

Plug interlock deg.

Solution 4:

Building lullaby offline (quick build from cache or local repo) (Android Studio v3.0+)

Configuration of assembly dependencies in offline mode (Grad + Maven)

Important note : Library or plugin android gradle version that is not present in the offline repo, then it will be downloaded remotely.

If you want to build a project without connecting to the network, follow steps
to configure the IDE to use offline versions of the Android Gradle
plugin and Google Maven dependencies.

If you haven’t done so yet, download the offline components from the
download page.

Loading and unpacking of stand-alone components

After downloading the offline components, unpack their contents in the following directory
, which you might have to create if you don’t have it yet:

  1. On Windows : %USER_HOME%/.android/manual-offline-m2/
  2. On MacOS and Linux: ~/.android/manual-offline-m2/

Proceed as follows to update the stand-alone components:

  1. Delete the contents of the offline/directory manual.
  2. Restart the stand-alone components.
  3. Unzip the contents of the ZIP files loaded in the
    directory with manual stop m2/.

Integrate offline components in your project Cradle

To tell the Android building system that you downloaded and unpacked
, you need to make a script as described below. Note that
only needs to create and save this script once, even if you update
your components offline.

  1. Create an empty text file with the following path and filename :

On Windows : %USER_HOME%/.gradle/init.d/offline.gradle

On MacOS and Linux: ~/.gradle/init.d/offline.gradle

  1. Open a text file and paste the following script:

def reposDir = new file ([‘user.home’], .android/manual-offline-m2)def repos = new ArrayList()reposDir.eachDir {repos.add(it) }repos.sort()all projects {buildcript {repositories {for (repo in repos) {maven {name = injected_offline_${}url = repo.toURI().toURL()}}}}repositories {for (repo in repos) {maven {name = injected_offline_${}url = repo.toURI().toURL()}}}}}.

  1. Save the text file.
  2. (Optional) If you want to check if the offline components work as expected
    , remove the online repositories of the build.gradle
    files from your project as described below. Once you have confirmed that your project is being built correctly without these
    repositories, you can add them again in your build.gradle

Deposits {
Deposits {

…all projects…



Pay attention: This scenario applies to all Gradle projects that you open at your workplace.


  • Download the plugin and settings for Gradle and Maven in the documentation above.
  • In case of problems, follow my solution on the following link Stack Overflow

Studio Android : Configuring assembly dependencies in offline mode

Good luck!

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