The benefits of private browsing on Android go beyond preventing others from seeing your history. Private browsing or incognito mode – call it what you will, it’s not just useful if you want to do your Christmas shopping in secret, it has many advantages. Read on to find out how you can secretly surf on Android and why you should.

Enabling the privacy screen on Android

Private browsing, also known as incognito mode, is very simple on an Android device, but can vary depending on the device and browser. Here are some tips to achieve this in Chrome :

To activate incognito mode:

  • Open Chrome, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner to display more options, and then click the New Incognito tab.

  • You can open several tabs at once in incognito mode if you wish.

To disable incognito mode:

  • Click the square icon in the upper right corner to open the tabs, then close each tab individually, or drag the notification panel down and just click Close Tabs Incognito.
  • You should close your personal viewing windows when you are done to prevent others from finding them.

The default browser preinstalled on your phone may also have an incognito mode. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a secret mode in the Samsung web browser. If you want to use it, press the tabs icon, then activate the secret mode and you can continue with or without a password. To disable the secrecy mode, go back to the tabs and click on Deactivate secrecy.

Firefox, one of the most popular open source browsers, also supports incognito browsing. Here are the details of how it works:

  • To open an empty tab : Tap the menu with the three dots in the top right corner, and then tap New Personal Tab.
  • To open the link in a personal tab : Long press the link to open the menu and select Open link in the Personal data tab.
  • To view open personal tabs : Tap the tab icon at the top of the screen, then tap the mask icon to display the open sites in your personal view.
  • To close a tab, click the X next to the tab you want to close. You can also close all open tabs by pressing the Menu key and then Close Personal Tabs.

Standard navigator

With more and more private scandals every day, private apps are becoming very popular by default these days. This also applies to mobile browsers. The list continues to evolve. Here are the two new browsers we most recommend at the moment.

DuckDuckGo confidential browser

This browser is from the makers of privacy search engine DuckDuckGo and is a mobile browser. As expected, the search engine is used, but the mobile browser also forces websites to use encryption, similar to HTTPS Everywhere for the desktop browser.

DuckDuckGo Browser also claims to decrypt privacy policies – We have partnered with DuckDuckGo to not read websites’ terms of service and privacy policies whenever possible. This means that when you browse or search the web, you will see a privacy rating on most websites – from A to F. The Privacy Browser also helps you avoid intrusive advertising cookies and tracking. One of the best features is the fire button, which clears all tabs and data with one click.

In terms of functionality and design, DuckDuckGo’s privacy browser is fairly standard and similar to Firefox and Chrome. We haven’t found anything to complain about yet.


InBrowser takes a step toward privacy. This is apparently one of the best options for those who take their online privacy and security seriously. The browser is in permanent incognito mode, which means that history, cookies and logins are cleared as soon as you click the Logout, Home or Close button. InBrowser also provides TOR support through Orbot and offers the ability to use VPN management.

The design of the app is quite understated, but this is due to the makers’ responsibility to remove all the annoying and unnecessary ads for a more enjoyable experience.

After some quick testing, we found that it’s just as functional as the Chrome or Firefox browsers for Android, although add-on support is more limited.

Focus Firefox

Speaking of privacy, of course we couldn’t forget Firefox Focus (also known as Firefox Klar in some countries).

The aptly named Privacy Browser offers a variety of options for those who want to keep their web activity to themselves.

Firefox Focus blocks a wide range of common web trackers and advertisements for fast and private browsing. You can clear your history at any time from the notification panel. No cookies or passwords are deleted. In our quick test, the browser proved to be an even better version of the already excellent Firefox, thanks to its moderate and user-friendly interface.

1. Enter your accounts

In general, browsers want to save passwords and login information so that it’s easier and faster the next time you log into private computers. Is this reasonable? Who wants to log into Facebook every time they want to do a little digital bullying? But on a smartphone, it’s different. Phones are shared, exchanged and sometimes stolen.

Logging into different accounts in incognito mode means that your browser is unable to save your login or form data. This means that if you are logging into your accounts on someone else’s device, you must also select the private browsing option!

2. If you do not want to be the target of an advertisement

Private browsing does not prevent ads from being displayed, but it does mean that your previous browsing habits are not affected. Google collects data from around the world to target ads and promotions to you. If you want to avoid this and run a clean search, private browsing is the way to go.

3. Using several accounts at once

Do you have two Google accounts? You want to go to both at once? Open a normal browser tab and an incognito tab.

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4. If you want to investigate something private.

There may be several reasons for this. Maybe you want to buy gifts or discover something in secret? Private means you don’t have to worry about someone else finding out about your search habits when they pick up the phone, as long as you make sure to close the browser window when you’re done.

5. To bypass payment systems

Sometimes you feel like reading an article, but your favorite magazine deprives you of your paycheck after reading 3-5 articles a week, month or whatever. But there is a way around this problem. If you z. B. open a link to an article in incognito mode, then you can read this content. That’s not to say you shouldn’t give money to support online journalism – it’s important, but not everyone can always afford it, and using incognito mode removes that barrier to information.

6. For testing and debugging

If you are concerned about the impact of your cache and cookie data when running website tests or debugging software, running your session in private mode will result in a cleaner user experience. These are the benefits of a private visit. If you want to be even more secure and private, you can try a VPN that hides the location from which you are browsing.

Are you using private browsing mode on Android? Which browser do you prefer? Tell us about it in the comments below.

frequently asked questions

What is incognito mode on Android?

Incognito mode or private browsing mode is a setting in the web browser of most Android devices. When the user opens the browser tab in incognito mode, web browsing becomes completely private.

How do you use incognito mode?

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to open the incognito window: Windows, Linux or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n. Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + n.

What is incognito mode in Chrome?

Google Chrome lets you browse the web both publicly and privately, and it’s easy to switch between the two. If Chrome is your favorite web browser, you can switch to incognito mode for private browsing. Viewing in this mode prevents history, cookies and other information from being saved.

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