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  • OpenVPN is a popular open source VPN system used on a wide variety of devices.
  • However, this does not mean that it is not experiencing technical difficulties.
  • For example, OpenVPN should not change your IP address.
  • Read our guide to learn how to solve the situation where OpenVPN cannot easily change your IP.

OpenVPN is an open-source virtual private networking system that provides server and client applications to users.

Many people rely on OpenVPN, which is one of the most popular protocols because of its speed, flexibility and security.

It’s also optimized to work on devices other than desktops or laptops, including routers, consoles, and even smart TVs.

However, despite its popularity and versatility, OpenVPN may not change your IP address.

Since IP spoofing is one of the main functions of a VPN, this can be quite annoying.

But don’t worry, our complete guide will tell you how to fix OpenVPN when it stops changing your IP address.

How can I set it up so that OpenVPN does not change the IP address?

1. Running the OpenVPN GUI as administrator

Many processes and programs on a Windows computer require certain permissions to function as intended.

The fastest way to make sure you’ve given OpenVPN the proper permissions to run on your computer is to run it with administrator privileges.

Just right click on the GUI and select Run as administrator to disable it.

If OpenVPN still does not change your IP address, proceed with the following recommended solution.

2. Reinstalling OpenVPN

If your OpenVPN version is outdated or if you have installed a modified version, you may experience connection problems.

Although OpenVPN can connect you to the VPN server you pointed it to, you will find that your IP is still the same.

For this reason, you should download OpenVPN from the official website and reinstall it on your computer, but not before uninstalling the old version.

A quick note before we start the installation: Right-click on the installer and run it as an administrator.

3. Audit of security software

If you have recently installed a firewall or changed the settings of an existing firewall, you may have corrupted the OpenVPN functionality.

But don’t worry, there’s nothing that good old-fashioned troubleshooting can’t fix.

  1. Press the Win key on the keyboard
  2. Firewall type
  3. Choose Windows Defender Firewall with advanced protection
  4. Go to the incoming rules section
  5. Find OpenVPN and remove any restrictions (if any).
  6. Go to starting lines
  7. Repeat step 5
  8. Start your antivirus program
  9. Make sure OpenVPN is not blacklisted or restricted in any way.
  10. Restart your computer
  11. Start OpenVPN and see if it changes your IP address now.

It is common for security software to conflict with other programs on your computer, so it is important to check for limitations.

4. Configuring OpenVPN correctly

This is where you have to get your hands dirty, but when all else has failed, this is the golden ticket.

Without further ado, you must:

For the OpenVPN client:

  1. Close your OpenVPN client
  2. Start Task Manager and make sure OpenVPN is closed.
  3. Find the OpenVPN client configuration file (.conf).
  4. Open it with a text editor (with administrator rights).
  5. Add redirect-gateway def1 to a new line in your conf file.
  6. Save the configuration file

For the OpenVPN server :

  1. Shut down your OpenVPN server
  2. Start Task Manager and make sure OpenVPN is closed.
  3. Open your OpenVPN server .conf file in a text editor.
  4. Add push redirect-gateway def1 on a blank line (quotes enabled).
  5. Save the configuration file

You can now run both the server and the client, and you should find that your IP changes without any problems.

Note that if your server’s IP address changes frequently (dynamic IP address), you may need to do some additional configuration of your .conf files.

This can be achieved by using a dynamic DNS service such as. B. No-IP can be avoided.

This associates your IP address with the domain and automatically detects any IP address changes.

5. Using a commercial VPN

If you’re using OpenVPN to protect your privacy, you’re better off looking at a commercial service.

Private Internet Access, also known as PIA, can protect your privacy and won’t cause you too many headaches.

Install it, log into your account, choose the server and your privacy should be 100% protected.

The downside is that commercial VPNs are generally paid services, unlike OpenVPN which is completely free to use.

Note that commercial VPNs will not replace OpenVPN’s ability to create virtual private networks for remote access.

Private Internet access

Does OpenVPN no longer seem to work on your computer? Maybe it’s time to choose a better alternative, like. B. Private Internet Access.


If you find that OpenVPN no longer modifies your IP address, it’s time to move on to the next step.

In most cases, the service needs to be restarted or reinstalled as soon as possible.

If nothing seems to be working, however, it may be best to switch to a commercial VPN.

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