Is your Samsung Smart Switch 99% blocked? Or does your Samsung Smart Switch always switch off when it reaches 99? If that’s the case, don’t be nervous. In this blog, I will share with you some of the best tips on how to fix Samsung Smart Switch stuck at 99, as well as the alternatives.

Samsung’s Smart Switch is a way to transfer content between wireless or even wired devices from Android, iPhone, Windows to the new Galaxy series. This is very useful, but it sometimes leads to a mistake. Many users have reported that they cannot use the Smart Switch application because 99% of the time it disconnects, loses connection or shuts down.

The following user experience will help you understand it better.

Try transferring data from iPhone to Galaxy s9 with a cable and a smart switch. The transmission locks up at 99% and doesn’t move for hours. Tried several times without success. Do you have any ideas?

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Why does the Samsung Smart Switch stop at 99 and take a long time?

We all know that the Smart Switch is one of the convenient ways for Samsung users to transfer data between devices. But it’s really sad that sometimes she gets stuck 99%. You know why? Before proceeding to solutions, we need to examine the reasons that lead to such errors.

  • Incorrect installation of the Smart Switch application may result in the following effects
  • Compatibility problem between the two devices
  • The USB cable or adapter is damaged or defective.
  • Insufficient memory on the target device
  • Wi-Fi is not turned on or is not working due to a bad connection
  • A software error or firmware problem on both devices.
  • Low battery level may also be the cause.

What do I need to look out for?

To successfully transfer data with the Samsung Smart Switch, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. See below:

  • Make sure your phones are compatible with the Smart Switch (see the compatibility page here).
  • Check that the target device is also a Samsung phone.
  • Make sure that other applications do not interrupt the data transfer.
  • The target phone must have an operating system 4.3 or higher.
  • Do not stop the data transfer manually or close the application while it is running.
  • Download Smart Switch on both devices

What are the solutions for the space requirements of the intelligent switch on line 99?

Now I am going to show you some manual and automatic ways to solve the problem of Samsung Smart Switch crashing 99%. We hope these methods will help you fix your Samsung Smart Switch which is 99% blocked during data transfer between Samsung phones.

Method 1: Restart your Samsungphone

The first solution I recommend is to reboot both Samsung phones. If you find that the Samsung Smart Switch is operating at 99%, you may be able to resolve the issue by rebooting the devices. Your device will then work without any problems, as it will close all applications in the background and hopefully fix the error you were experiencing.

However, if restarting both devices does not solve the problem, continue with the following method.

Method 2: Make sure the USB cable and connector are working.

If your USB cable, USB adapter or USB port is damaged, you should check it as it may cause problems. In case of damage, you need to repair it, or you can use another functional USB cable for your phones. Also check the USB port for dirt and, if necessary, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

Method 3: Charge your devices

First of all, check that both devices are correctly charged. Make sure your phone has enough battery power to transfer data without interruption. If you use Wi-Fi transfer mode, you can charge your device during the transfer process and solve the problem of permanently disconnecting the Samsung Smart Switch.

Method 4: Clear request cache

Clearing the application cache is also one of the best ways to fix a 99% or 1% stuck smart switch. The application could be the problem or its cache. Therefore, you need to clear the cache by going to Settings > Applications > Smart Switch > Clear Stored Cache. On some Android phones, you can even find an APP under Application Manager. Make sure the lid of both units is empty to prevent clogging.

Method 5: Reinstall the SamsungSmart Switch

If the problem persists, I recommend that you reinstall the application once. Simply uninstall the Samsung Smart Switch application on both phones and install it once. Go to Settings > Applications > find the Samsung Smart Switch and remove it. Now go to the Google Play Store and install the new version without worrying. I hope that solves the problem.

Method 6: Restart Wi-Fi

When transferring data between devices on a Wi-Fi network, the problem may be caused by an interruption in the connection to the Wi-Fi network. In this case, restart the Wi-Fi connection by going to Settings > Wi-Fi and turning it off. Then restart the phone once > turn on Wi-Fi and enter the password again.

Method 7: Requests not sent

Many Samsung users transfer their favorite applications with the Smart Switch application. But did you know that transferring applications takes a lot of time and space? When trying to transfer applications, it is common for a Samsung Smart Switch to get stuck at 0, 99 or 1%. So I should say that if you switch between phones this time, you should delete the apps. And you can see that the smart switch, which is at 99%, automatically disappears.

Method 8: Phone update

If your phone is not compatible with the application version, the same error may occur. In this situation, you need to update your phone’s software to fix the Samsung Smart Switch that is 99% stuck. Just go to Settings > System and updates > Software update > Check for updates > Download and install and wait for the update to complete. Now restart the device and open the smart switch to see if it works or not.

Method 9: Free space on Samsung

Memory depletion is another reason why the Samsung Smart Switch locks at 0 or 99%. If you do not have enough memory on your device, the application may freeze. Therefore, you need to delete some unused data from your Samsung phone to avoid this problem. This frees up memory on your device and you don’t have to deal with a stuck smart switch every time you transfer data.

Bonus: Best alternative to Samsung Smart Switch

You can use the Smart Switch to transfer data between Samsung devices, but what do you do if it gets stuck? To remedy this situation, I recommend you to use another way, which is Android transfer. This professional software facilitates data transfer between devices.

The Smart Switch application only lets you transfer files between Samsung devices, but Android Transfer lets you transfer files between any Samsung Android phone and others. It is easy to use and all your data like contacts, photos, videos, documents, notes, WhatsApp chats, audio files, etc will be transferred without any hassle.



Therefore, in this article, we will describe some useful methods to fix Samsung’s smart switch, which is 99% blocked. If you find a smart switch stuck at 0 or 1, you can safely get rid of it by using these methods. I also recommend Android Transfer as the best alternative for transferring files between Android or Samsung phones and others.

For any other questions or suggestions, please leave a comment in the section below or contact us directly.

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