As government agencies finalise the 5G innovation framework and plan to launch qualification efforts, mobile phone manufacturers are also coming together to quickly learn about this new technology. However, the investigators consider that this scheme will force Indian producers to incur high costs.

Taiwanese chip manufacturer MediaTek said there is still an ideal opportunity for 5G to take off in India, but the country will be an important market for new innovations. The company has shipped its new 700-chip 5G mobile chipset to mass market advanced 5G features and meetings.

said Rick Tsai, CEO of MediaTek: We ship a lot of chips in the smartphones that are now on the Indian market. In fact, it is now really 4G or 3G. We see that some major Indian drivers are considering developing 5G phones. It will probably take some time for India to become an important market for 5G innovations, he said.

Research agency TechArc hopes to launch 15 to 18 high-end mobile phone models (excluding variants) in India this year. International Data Corporation has also reportedly stated that due to the probability factor, companies will produce 4G and 5G variants in 2020, while uncontested 5G telephony offers will not arrive until 2021.

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By 2021, IDC expects the cost of 5G phones to fall below $300. TechArt also seems to believe that 1.5 million 5G phones will be sold in India this year, which represents about 1% of total mobile phone transactions in the country.

Analysts seem to say that Indian mobile phone manufacturers are likely to give up even more as the market moves to 5G. They stated that this would be based on the fact that the Indian manufacturers in the high-end and luxury sector are sub-standard and in need of innovation and R&D capabilities.

Analysts say they do not expect 5G phones to be widely available in 2020, given the vulnerabilities of the 5G network.

In India the road to 5G is not clear yet. According to the Ericsson report of 2019, the 5G network will be taken over in India by 2022. In any case, government agencies have started to focus their efforts on this new age innovation in order to achieve an early deployment of 5G.

In addition, industry pioneers have also come to realize that the early adoption of 5G will help India to become a global innovator in distributed computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). By 2025, 5G is expected to cover 65% of the total population, compared to only 11% in India. The difficulties behind this moderate development of 5G in India are due to the lack of basis and the moderate selection of this innovation by the telecom operators.

Recently, telecommunications research in many countries around the world has begun to convert to 5G bands, with governments previously allocating 5G bands in each country.

For example, since the assignment to South Korea in April 2019, the national trade associations have just registered 3 million 5G memberships by the end of September 2019.

Fredrik Jejdling, Senior Vice President and Chief Network Officer at Ericsson, said that given the global proliferation of 5G networks, 5G is now widely supported by almost all device manufacturers.

First telephone company 5G

In China, Huawei is the most popular brand for 5G smartphones (91%), followed by Apple (58%), which is gaining ground. Samsung scored the highest in Western Europe (88%), followed by Huawei (65%). In India, OPPO scored highest (81%) among the 5G mobile adapters and mid-range engineers borrowed from Samsung (79%).

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What’s waiting for India?

Currently, the country lags behind other countries in terms of 5G allocations. The information is modest, but more moderate. According to the Global Speed Test Index of Ookla, India ranks 131st for the speed of mobile internet, far behind neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Nepal and even Sri Lanka and South Korea. The normal download speed for mobile phones in the country is 12.07 Mbps, well below the worldwide standard of 35.26 Mbps.

That could change with the advent of 5G, which Aries says will have an impact on all major sectors, including education, retail, agri-food, transport, manufacturing and bright urban communities.

5G will provide communication managers and equipment manufacturers with new capabilities. This allows operators to redefine their customer offerings at entry level – from network providers to truly creative and forward-thinking employees, he says.

However, efforts are needed on the part of communication managers and equipment manufacturers. They now do their part by sending 5G-powered smartphones. It is time for broadcasters to recognise the importance of 5G and strengthen their determination to create the necessary framework.

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