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A new take on the Honor 20th: The incredible possibilities of the camera aroused our interest. The mid-range phone is equipped with a triple return arrow, with advanced AI for great shots. Here we explore the possibilities of the main camera with examples of real images taken with the Honor 20e.

You may have seen some of the night shots taken with the Honor 20th in our in-depth discussion. Here are a few more pictures to demonstrate the capabilities of the camera. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the cameras aboard the Honor 20th.

  • Single shot: 8 megapixels f2.0
  • Triple back shooter: 24MP F/1.8 + 8MP F/2.4 + 2MPF/2.4 PDAF

In this article we’re going to focus on the three-gunner in the back. Of the three cameras, the most important is the 24-megapixel lens with a large F/1.8 aperture and a Quadra CFA sensor, which makes it possible to shoot video at 480 frames per second and super-night shots with a 1.8-micron ISO boost.

The second camera is an 8-megapixel sensor with an ultra-wide-angle lens of 17mm and an aperture of F/2.4. This allows you to capture ultra-wide images, such as landscapes or even close-up portraits. The effective angle is 120 degrees.

The third camera, a 2-megapixel sensor with F/2.4, is a phased autofocus (PDAF) camera. This allows you to quickly and accurately focus on your subject and shoot sharper with the main camera and wide-angle lens.

Actual photographs taken by the triple rear gunner

We consider four different results with different ambient lighting and camera modes.

  • Outside (cloudy)
  • Outside (sunny)
  • Night mode (wet and clean)
  • Wide angle

These are original photos taken with your phone. The only difference is that they have been adapted to be compatible with the Internet. No post-processing effects were added after registration.

Outdoors (cloudy)

Pictures taken with the 24 megapixel main camera outside on cloudy days.

SkyCovered OutdoorCovered Landscape Open Cloud

Outdoor (sunny)

Outdoors sunshine from behind with the 24 megapixel main camera. As expected, the camera worked well in full light. The AI camera made sure there was a lot of detail in both shots, including the cars parked in the shadows. The third photo was taken in the opposite direction from the first two. The sun is now on the right side, so you can see the camera’s behaviour under different outdoor light conditions from a different angle.

BackOutdoor Sun from BackOutdoor Sun on the right side

Night mode (wet and clean)

Here we compare two shooting modes, one based on the default setting and one based on the super night mode. The camera takes three to five seconds to hold the phone still while taking multiple shots to create a sharper image. The result is amazing. This is by far the best feature of the phone today. Click on the images below for more details.

The standard mode of the camera honors the 20th...

Standard camera mode with IA


Super Night Mode

Here is another look at the building, this time in portrait profile in super night stand. Note that the sky was dark and the picture was taken on a winter evening. Apart from resizing the original image for easy use on the web, no other changes have been made.

Super night mode in portrait profile

Here is another example, this time a Christmas tree made of fairy lights on a star-shaped building. The first shot was taken in standard star focus mode, the second was a compilation of 4-second shots of multiple series in night mode. Look at the contrast, and the detail captured in the second image is really good. Click on the image below for more details.


Christmas lighting in standard mode


Christmas Light Mode

Another portrait of an alley with Christmas lights.

Just a few more high-contrast photos. Look at the foreground, the subject is an illuminated Christmas tree and the background is the Abbey Baths and Spa Museum in the second shot with night mode activated. The Honor 20e again took 4 seconds to capture different photos and combine them with different exposures.


Christmas 3 in standard bathroom fashion


Christmas tree in the bathtub with nightwear

Now enjoy a few extra shots in night mode when the lighting changes.

Poor Abbey with a late-night routine.

Finally, the Holburn Museum on Great Pultney Street. The two pictures below again show the contrast between night mode and standard mode, although this time, due to the lack of part of the lighting of the veranda and the Christmas decorations, the rest of the building and indeed the floor seems a bit out of place. Having said that, shooting at night might have been more successful if the phone had been mounted on a tripod. It’s a real test under extremely weak light.


The switchboard of the Holburne Museum


The Night Route of the Holburne Museum

Wide-angle photography

We show two series of photos, one outside and one inside, taken with a main camera and a wide angle camera. The result is quite consistent with that of a standard camera, but the wide-angle camera lacks sharpness and tends to show veins on the left and right edges. In wide-angle shots, a distortion or fisheye effect is visible in the viewfinder at both ends.

Once you have captured the image, there is a finishing operation that corrects these distorted edges. The 8-megapixel sensor was no help for the 24-megapixel sensor of the main gunner. But since this is a cheap mid-range phone, we couldn’t complain. With sufficient natural light, wide-angle photos are best, especially for landscape photos.


Open standard


Wide outer corner


Domestic standard


Wide covered corner

Other night scenes

We’ll leave you some pictures of the night stand. Believe me when I tell you that even the naked eye wouldn’t see so many details in the dark. The following image is a good example. With the smallest light sources, the camera was able to set a bright foreground and background to complete this incredible shot.

Nocturnal scenes of the baths


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